Exhibitor Rules

Craft and Commercial Vendor items must be approved by Fair management before arrival to show.

  • All vendor booth rentals must be paid in full before arrival to show.
  • State and local taxes are the responsibility of each exhibitor.
  • Facility will be securely locked at each days closing, however WNC Events will not be responsible for misplacement, damage or theft of any items.
  • Booth sharing is not permitted.
  • Fair management has the right to ask you to remove any items not listed on your application.
  • Food and drink samples will only be served in SAMPLE size.
  • Beverage samples are limited to a maximum of 2 ounce or smaller. Serving container must be 3 ounce size or smaller.
  • Food items are limited to 1 ounce or less (bite size)
  • NO MICROPHONES or disturbing noises will be allowed.
  • All exhibitors should have an attractive and finished booth display. Tables must be covered and draped to the floor. Table legs, boxes, supplies, etc. should not be visible.
  • Exhibitors should not extend beyond the dimensions of their booth.
  • No Early Breakdown! Breakdown of displays will not be allowed until Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 5pm. Anyone disregarding this will be in violation of their said contract.
  • Exhibitor badges are for vendor/workers only.
  • No signs advertising discounted merchandise will be allowed. Price tags must be changed to indicate discounted items.
  • Commercial Jewelry not accepted.